Medical Coding Course In Hyderabad

Joshi Medicode Course

Our Aim is to modernize the current education system through ‘Finishing School Concept’. This will bridge the gap between classroom study and practical application. A highly skilled and learned faculty headed by a visionary management to raise the quality of education at every level. The faculty members motivate every student to achieve the desired goal. With our faculty you will never stop learning.

Service Offering:
We are a fast growing, dynamic organization that provide training for Medical Coding and Certification, Medical Transcription, medical Billing, and Accounts Receivable. We offer real time training, certificate courses and jobs and oriented training programs.

Certification Training Courses:
Cost of training: 9000-10000
Mode: Corporate Training, onsite computer training, Computer Training in class
Level: Professional Job Oriented
Duration: short term,
Type of course: Certification
Class Type: Classes weekend classes daily, evening classes, summer courses, courses
User: Pupils, students, engineering students, professionals, office staff.